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Selah's Song Musical

Friday, October 21, 6:30pm: Enjoy a musical theatre production at our church, “Selah’s Song”, by Theatre of the Beat. 

Admission:  Pay as you are able.  Fun for all ages! A Zoom option will be available.

Selah’s song is an original heartwarming musical written by Johnny Wideman with music by beloved Mennonite musician Bryan Moyer Suderman. The musical tells the story of a young girl whose courage inspired a village, and whose song became an anthem for peace. Selah, a burgeoning songwriter, is excited to hear that her father is coming home from the war in West Candling. But, the joy of having her family reunited is short-lived when a harsh War Tax is started instead. Inundated with catchy pro-war propaganda songs, Selah is inspired to share her own music with the village, creating some competition for the King.



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Solar Panel Fundraiser

We are called to be stewards of the environment, and this includes reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. By purchasing a solar PV system, we can reduce the amount of emissions we release from our electricity consumption. This will reduce air pollution and improve air quality, slow the effects of climate change, and reduce our reliance on a diminishing supply of fossil fuels. Our fundraising goal for this project is $150,000. To date we have raised $71,253.



We are worshipping with a hybrid model that includes both in person and Zoom options.

If you wish to attend in person, the doors open at 10:25 am. We encourage everyone to be fully vaccinated and to maintain physical distancing. The pews on the window side are available for distanced seating. Mask wearing is required.

If you wish to worship over Zoom, contact the church office for how to join. Our Zoom link has recently changed.


Coffee Time

Coffee Time over Zoom

Join us every Wednesday morning for coffee via video conference.

Contact the church office for details.


Bible Study


Monday Daytime Bible Study

via Zoom at 1:00pm. Contact the church office for how to join.


Coffee Time

Coffee Time On Hiatus for the summer.

Thursdays (bi-weekly), 2:00-4:00 pm at the church.

Coffee will be provided, please bring your own snack.

We encourage all who are eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Physical distancing of 2m is recommended whenever possible.

Masks must be worn at all times unless seated at a table and eating/drinking.


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