Southview Child Care About Us


Child Care Purpose and Philosophy

Southview Child Care (SCC) is an integral part of the programs of the First Mennonite Church and is based on the foundation of God’s love for all people. Acting as a not-for-profit community service agency on behalf of First Mennonite Church, SCC seeks to provide a stable, secure, loving environment in which children and families can learn, grow and develop.  SCC works to provide a program of early learning and care, staff, and facilities that stimulate the whole child, giving him/her a wealth of experiences in a rich environment.
  • SCC aims to foster the growth and development of each child as a whole person in a happy, stimulating and secure environment.
  • Children and families will not be excluded on the basis of ethnicity, creed, economic status, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • SCC welcomes children with special needs and will adapt its program to meet the needs of all children to the very best of its ability, recognizing the limitations of the early childhood educators and facilities.
  • The program of SCC provides opportunities for children to learn and develop self-respect, self-expression, self-control and responsibility, self-confidence, and independence.
  • Children will be able to develop as individuals in a group setting at their own rate and ability.


Southview Child Care opened in its present location on Aug. 5, 1997, in brand-new day-care space designed and constructed for this purpose within the new First Mennonite Church building.
Southview is well-known in the southeastern part of Edmonton; its program and administrative structure have a more than 30-year history of providing high-quality, not-for-profit child care in Edmonton.
During its time as McKernan Park Day Care, located in the University area, the program evolved to include a Kindergarten (ECS), and developed the ability and expertise to access funding and provide programming for children with Special Needs.
SCC has a well-deserved reputation for including the family unit as an integral part of the day care centre.

Parent Handbook

We have developed a Parent Handbook with more information about our program and policies that affect you directly.